* Pop Till You Drop – Andaman Islands

Stan Ryan completes another of his globe trotting adventures.... The Andaman Islands! Planning and preparation are a must. Being switched on when on location is important....

* Boat Bass

Each year as the water temperature rises so does the pressure to catch a bass! In ireland a shore caught bass can be an easier target than one from the boat.

Video Clips:


* New Boat Season, New Boat Rod!

New season New Rod? A change in boat rod gets Jim searching…. Firstly, my change in

* Kingdom Come! Fishing in Kerry – Valentia Island – Pt2

Another installment of a summer trip to Valentia in Kerry. Towing your boat to other locations is a rewarding effort.

* Kingdom Come! Fishing in Kerry – Valentia Island – Pt1

The waters off the south west coast of Ireland can be wild and unforgiving, but when the weather is good there is no finer place to be. Last summer we towed SKUA to Kerry.

x Fresh

* Pike – Lifelong Learning and Passion

No stranger to things salty Stan Ryan is often found fishing the fresh. He has a life long love affair with Pike!

* Streamer – Seatrout – Daytime!

It can be a great time of year to catch sea trout. It does not have to happen in the dead of night. Guide Jason O'Riordan guides you through the basics. Starting to hunt sea trout in that local river during daytime hours.

* Opinion: Irish Pike – Victimized or Misunderstood?

Victimised or misunderstood - not the pike but IFI! Mark Houlihan has something to get off his chest in relation to Pike and Fishery Management...