* Weather – Go or No Go

Fishing is fine but there is one thing you must get right: The Weather! It's all bout checking and checking again....

* The Night Shift – Winter Bait Fishing

Is lack of fishing getting to you? Is the boat spouting roots? Jim gives you the low down on winter night fishing from the boat. (originally published in Irish Angler Magazine 2008

* Not a Fishing Holiday!

We've all been on that family holiday where you wish you packed a small rod... just for the odd cast. Jim Clohessy did and it didn't break the bank.... Thanks Rovex!

* Blue Shark Success

Blue Shark fishing is a feature of Irish fishing. It is easily accomplished from a small boat..... with a bit of attention to detail and safety!

Video Clips:


* You Didn’t Expect Them To Go Quietly Did You? – Bass 2017

The EU has spoken on bass for 2017 - As expected the results differ from the proposals.... Here's the breakdown:

* Atlantic – A documentary – Review & Comment

Jim Clohessy watched something other than fishing on TV! Here's his verdict on a show that evokes reaction from every viewer .... Atlantic

* Lead Heads and Lure Heads

Want to get involved with lure fishing? Can't get the range of jigheads you'd like? Get making your own!

x Fresh

* Pike – Lifelong Learning and Passion

No stranger to things salty Stan Ryan is often found fishing the fresh. He has a life long love affair with Pike!

* Streamer – Seatrout – Daytime!

It can be a great time of year to catch sea trout. It does not have to happen in the dead of night. Guide Jason O'Riordan guides you through the basics. Starting to hunt sea trout in that local river during daytime hours.

* Opinion: Irish Pike – Victimized or Misunderstood?

Victimised or misunderstood - not the pike but IFI! Mark Houlihan has something to get off his chest in relation to Pike and Fishery Management...