June 10, 2017 Last Updated 9:04 am

* The Blue Bible #3

Of course you can fish for shark from your small boat! Doing right by angler and fish means preparation and planning. Jim Clohessy does the blues.... #3 deals with some video clips of shark fishing.


This is our latest clip. Our first trip of 2015. In early season or when mackerel are scarce a rubby dubby block can save the day. This trip was on Kevin Murphy’s Tuna 600 – A great shark fishing vessel.

This clip is from an absolutely superb session in 2013. We were faced with an unbelievable amount of sharks… for a finish we were sight fishing for sharks without any balloons. We were even selecting the bigger sharks to catch! The is some nice footage of a blue shark taking the bait.

The final clip is from a rip on a BellaVista Boat with some Dutch customers. The lads wouldn’t be described as shark fishing experts but had superb craic and caught lots of sharks. it shows that once things are calm and controlled there is no impediment to shark fishing from your small boat.

DSCN2252 (Large)

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