January 20, 2014 Last Updated 8:50 pm


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IMG_0091 Hello! and welcome to TopFisher.eu!

Well here we are 12 months later and we are gathering a rather fine collection of features. The reason for our format was simple. Rather go for the “Swipe type” magazine our choice was to have searchable articles. A bit like the pile of magazines in the corner of your room! You can enter a search term into the box and the features that apply will be returned. Simple but effective!

You will notice some fine contributors here already and there will be more to come as time goes on. Some of the best anglers around will pass on information from time to time. If you have a story to tell or techniques to help with please contact us.

The plan is that we will send out “a front cover” each month with links to the articles that have been added to the site  since the previous update – A bit like looking at the cover in the shop! In order to get your email you will need to submit your name and email to us here (Needless to say your email address will not be passed to any third parties).

That’s where we are at at the moment. Obviously we are experimenting as we go with our site layout and all things “online publishing” so your comments and thoughts are welcome.

You will notice that there are no forums attached to the site. You will notice that there is no ability to comment on articles – Similar to your paper magazine! We welcome comment and discussion and will publish comments received at editor@topfisher.eu .

You can salo rest assured of the journalistic standards here on TopFisher. We are not a blog so while opinion is opinion fact are facts and as such they are checked for accuracy.

In the meantime, tight lines if you are fishing and dream on if you are not!