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* Boat Bass – Lure Addiction At Work!

Each year as the water temperature rises so does the pressure to catch a bass! In ireland a shore caught bass can be an easier target than one from the boat.

*Spain Salt & Fresh Pt2

In the second installment, Stan Ryan and crew move from the salt to the fresh.... The mighty Edbro!

*Spain – Salt & Fresh!

Atun España -CHASING BLUEFIN TUNA – Warm water fishing is only a hop skip and jump to Spain. STAN RYAN gives his usual forthright assessment.

*Big Skate Small Boat #2

Skate fishing on Skua has been an evolution. It has taken a few years of chancing our arm and experimenting in different locations with differing tactics....

*Angling for Info!

Sea Anglers are being asked to give information about catches. What’s it all about?....

* Big Skate, Small Boat

The quest for a new species is always a great driver for the small boat skipper.... Get to grips with a Skate!

* That First Run!

Whether it is during the winter or after a winter layup that first run out is always a great day out… if it goes to plan!


Stan Ryan's latest trip is to Norway and the famous Sandland Brygge camp....