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** Winter Running **

Heading to sea at wintertime can be a rewarding experience and it remains the only way the boat angler can get some fishing, if they don’t take to the rocks and beaches or fresh.

* Boat Bass – Lure Addiction At Work!

Each year as the water temperature rises so does the pressure to catch a bass! In ireland a shore caught bass can be an easier target than one from the boat.

*Spain Salt & Fresh Pt2

In the second installment, Stan Ryan and crew move from the salt to the fresh.... The mighty Edbro!

*Spain – Salt & Fresh!

Atun España -CHASING BLUEFIN TUNA – Warm water fishing is only a hop skip and jump to Spain. STAN RYAN gives his usual forthright assessment.

*Big Skate Small Boat #2

Skate fishing on Skua has been an evolution. It has taken a few years of chancing our arm and experimenting in different locations with differing tactics....


The systematic plundering of our bays is continuing apace.... If it was happening on land there would be uproar...

*Angling for Info!

Sea Anglers are being asked to give information about catches. What’s it all about?....