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* First Run Fishing – New Boat!

A trip out in a new boat for some pollack fishing with lures gets Jim Clohessy thinking about the factors that go into choosing a boat. Whether you are fishing on lakes, paddling a kayak or heading offshore the questions remain the same.

* Summer Sharks with the Irish Kayak Angling Club

2013 - What a summer it was for kayak fishing! We had catch reports flying into the club forum on a daily basis. IKA had numerous meets in every corner of the country throughout the summer. With so many anglers on the water there was bound to be some notable catches. John Griffin had a hand in some!

* Winter Wrecking – Kinsale

When inshore waters are cloudy and the fish are scarce there are still options for getting into fish. You will have to head into international waters! No passports are required though... Jim Clohessy goes wreck fishing.

* Bass Attag!

Anglers and scientists together hope to unravel some answers about Irish bass. Jim Clohessy is on scene to capture some fish and to capture the action for TopFisher. Looks like nobody told the bass though!

* Fat Flatties! – Flounder Time!

A specimen flounder from your boat? You might just have to take to the shore! This is a great species to target and more fun than you would think when the tackle is light and the tactics varied. Jim Clohessy is searching for a fat flattie…

* Shark Fishing – Bellavista Style

"One of the best years in memory"..... Kevin Murphy of the Bellavista Hotel describing the 2013 shark season. See more in this fine video clip.....

* Boat Lure Basics

Lure angling is the fastest growing and exciting branch of boat angling. While the idea is not new it is the availability of new gear that helps increase catches and multiplies the craic factor. Jim Clohessy goes back to the basics of lure angling.