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After visiting some trade shows in recent months there were many items that caught my fancy. Here’s some items that will be worth watching out


After visiting some trade shows in recent months there were many items that caught my fancy. Here’s some items that will be worth watching out for in 2015

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TronixPro HTO Lure Game Reel

This impressive little reels reminded me of some expensive offerings big tackle manufacturers! I know it is impossible to judge the longevity of a reel with giving it a decent seeing to but in fairness the price tag on this reel will make it worth taking a punt!

The 3000 sized reel seems small for its rating but that is the way I like them – small and tough. The Rockfish version sells at Stg 29.99 and the Lure Game (Pictured) is Stg 34.99.

The spool is deep so it will require backing when using with braid but that is a small price to pay for a co0l looking and hopefully a decent performer.

You can see these putting pressure on the Shimanos on the cheaper level!


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Tronixpro Envoy Multiplier

It looks like a another famous make! The guts are built from stern stuff. Tronixpro are confident that they have the balance between quality and price. I can see me using one of these from the boat on my light scratching gear. It’s an ideal species fishing sized reel.
The price tag of under £60 stg. Is quite superb. If you haven’t seen one of these reels in the flesh then get yourself to the Angling Expo in Dublin and see for yourself.



Ullcatch – Pliers

Ullcatch are not a name that all will be familiar with. Ullcatch is the brainchild of Kerry angler Martin McGowan. “I want to bring a range of practical angling equipment to the market” says Martin.  “We are beginning with the launch of our pliers – it has impressive specifications.”

Indeed this cast aluminium pliers boasts carbon steel jaws and Tungsten Carbide cutting blades. It comes in a nifty pouch and lanyard.

It retails at around €48.00 and should be available from all good tackle shops from December.



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The Year of the Vass

I don’t think there is an angler out there that doesn’t know the Vass range of waterproofs. Vass are making further inroads to the Irish Market with an increased range of retailers so it should be easier to get a touchy-feely of your gear before you purchase.
You can check out their website to whet your appetite:

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The L16 range from Sakura certainly have been making waves during 2014. The L16 Shad is a well regarded bass catcher. They can be tricky enough to mount on the Shop-bought jig head but mount very well weedless. I use them on a Bricoleurre head and they are perfect!

The Koneel is a superb lure. I caught lots of bass this past season on the 200mm version of this lure. Just dip one in water and you’ll see why they are so popular!

Available from good shops like Halfway angling ( or of course the usual online retailers.


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Hart Bloody Range

I got great mileage from a Hart Epitaph until some bastard stole it from my wagon in Dublin! I was delighted to see a revamped Bloody range. These are really high-end rods being offered at realistic prices. You could take the chance and order on line but I would recommend checking them out in your local tackle shop where you can give them a decent whang!

You’ll get plenty of info online but there’s plenty local info here:


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