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*Spain Salt & Fresh Pt2

In the second installment, Stan Ryan and crew move from the salt to the fresh.... The mighty Edbro!

* Streamer – Seatrout – Daytime!

It can be a great time of year to catch sea trout. It does not have to happen in the dead of night. Guide Jason O'Riordan guides you through the basics. Starting to hunt sea trout in that local river during daytime hours.

* Live and Let Die – Handling Help

Do you think much about how you handle your catch - Most do! William Kavanagh, angling all rounder, reckons that we need to be more conscious of our handling of fish in order to preserve our sport....

* Bass by Technique, Pike by Nature!

When the weather causes havoc with your fishing there are always choices for the dinghy angler. Jim Clohessy takes to a lake in search of pike. Can this old sea dog learn new freshwater tricks?