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* Get ready for the Launch!

Happy days are here again! Getting to and back from the sea is a major part or any trip. Getting it right every time takes a system. Get ready for the launch!

* Bass or Bust!

In 2010 there was a real threat to the status of bass as a sport fish. Thankfully Simon Coveney the minister with responsibility maintained the protection on bass. In 2012 we experienced major drops in the amount of fish we were catching. In 2010 this commentary piece was published in Irish Angler:

* Ready for the off?

Getting to and from fishing in safety is what we all want to achieve. Jim Clohessy runs through the prep required after your boat has been laid up for a time....

* Show Time!

Winter can be a trying time for anglers who cannot get out fishing. An angling show makes an ideal diversion...