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Tried, Tested or New to Market #9

Tried, Tested or New to Market #9 Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow I’d say there isn’t a bass angler – Other than the latest crop of fad hunting


Tried, Tested or New to Market #9

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Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow

I’d say there isn’t a bass angler – Other than the latest crop of fad hunting newbies – That did not catch bass on Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows or Yo-Zuri Poppers for that matter.

I was pleasantly surprised at a recent tackle show to see the Crystal Minnow making somewhat of a comeback. Yes it is back is a new suit – The 3D Prism version is quite the stunning lure. Available in a range of colour patterns.

I love what Yo-Zuri have to say about it:

“The Crystal 3D Minnow™ Family has a lure for all applications. This is the next generation of your father’s Crystal Minnow; with the latest in technological manufacturing advances but the same proven fish catching ability.”

Available from all good tackle shops – I am told that Henry’s and Southside have them in stock in Dublin.


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Sakura Koneel

I think when you go online this summer and you read about bass catches you will read about the Koneel. If you have not seen this lure in the flesh I would recommend that you pay a visit to your local tackle shop and see what we are ranting and raving about. The Koneel is incredibly soft and supple yet it will put up with the attention of a few fish before giving up the ghost. I like the larger 200mm version. When it gets tired it can often be cut back to a smaller but no less deadly version!

Worth getting a few for the box!

See the likes of Halfway Angling or Henrys Tackle or Southside Angling


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Flambeau Multiloader T5p

This is really one for the boat lure anglers. If you are in the market for a decent lure box it is worth paying a visit to your local Dennett Dealer. Dennetts have started to distribute the American Flambeau range of storage equipment. Last update we featured some of the smaller boxes for storing bits n bobs. Here we feature the daddy of the range – T5P Multiloader.

This beautifully constructed box features smart design and high quality construction. It comes with no less than 7 storage boxes and then had areas for your tools your packets of lures and even has a section that can be used as a line distributor – Typical yanks!

Available from Dennett Dealers from April 2015


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Flambeau StopRust Tabs

Well why did not somebody think of this before? These are plastic tabs that you can fit to you existing boxes. They are impregnated with zerust – rust preventer.  I know that these should be a fixture on any hard lure box. I have replaced more trebles than I care to remember.

Available from Dennett Dealers from April 2015

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Yo-Zuri Squid Jigs

Over the last few years anglers have discovered the attraction of catching squid from piers and rock marks around the country. I know that there was a period last year in Ballycotton where anglers had great sport – those that were equipped with the proper jigs did anyway!

Available in most good tackle shops.


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Surecatch Reel Grease & Oil

While many match anglers and casters use the specialist Rocket Fuel as a reel lube us mere mortals have little to choose from when it comes to keeping our prize reels humming. I first found Surecatch lube and grease a few years back and I think it is a super product! With other lubes I am always wondering if the oil is too viscous or not viscous enough. I always wonder if the grease I was using was too tacky… Using these lubes you can be sure that your reels will run well and keep running well throughout the season.

Available from Dennett Dealers.


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Surecatch Sabikis

Each season there tends to be “the best bait catcher” rig. It is a bit like a fashion accessory! Many anglers also use these rigs as a “scratching tool” for hoovering up smaller species. The market is largely dominated by Hayabusa. Now Hayabusa are a superb rig and the high quality components ensure that the rig lasts for a long time (If not lost!). It upsets many when they see the price tag of Haybusa rigs! These Surecatch RSSB-04 or RFD4 are a six-hook rig and are ideal for winkling out mackerel or split for competition fishing to two threes.

Expect to pay around €2.50 or less when on offer or in their bulk pack of 20 rigs.

Available from Dennett Dealers


If you have questions on any of the items listed or have difficulty locating them make sure you email

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