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*Tried and Tested or new to Market #10

Here's a selection of some of the best gear we have been checking out this last while......

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Dennett 8” Crimping tool – This crimping tool is a handy addition to any anglers tool box. Tools like this are no so well priced you may as well use the best tool for the job rather than crimping with pliers. This is especially important if you are fishing for bigger species that will test your gear to the limit.

Check it out from Dennett Dealers for around €12.00


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Allcock Aluminium Fishing Pliers

It you seem that every tackle company is now importing a cheap “hi-tech” pliers from China. You can see them on line on Ebay and other sites. So what makes the difference in terms of a pliers costing €20 or one that costs €60 or even €200?

Dennetts tell me that they reviewed and tested numerous pliers before settling on their current offering. It is T6 Aircraft Aluminium and they have paid particular attention to the pivot point. I can appreciate this as I have had many pliers fail over the course of the winter (I obviously left it in a tackle box). The jaws on this one are removable and will disgorge, crimp and do many jobs. The cutting blades are also replaceable and they have no problem cutting braid. This pliers is getting more and more use in my box.

Expect to pay around €60 from Dennett dealers


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Flambeau SW4 Tackle System -M

American giant Flambeau have really hit the mark with the SW4 tackle bag. This is designed for the moving angler – think the roving, rock hopping bass angler. This is an over the shoulder bag that will carry all you need to get in amongst the action, and then some!

Don’t be put off by the trendy white colour, this is a seriously well put together bag. The is zippered front and side pockets with mesh pockets as well. There is a D-ring for attaching thing like water bottles, grips, pliers – anything really. The strap is padded. The rear pocket is a Velcro closing vented pocket that houses a small lure box. I can see one leaving the bag on a rock while taking the box of favourite lure out the rocks.

Inside the bag, covered by a thick zipper are three adjustable lure boxes. I think |flambeau have really thought of everything when it comes to this wanderers bag. If like me you don’t like the idea of a rucksack then this is worth investigating.

We are sending this to Pat O’Shea our bass expert. Pat spends most of his time moving from mark to mark and therefore will be perfect to get a longer term view.

Contact your Dennett dealing tackle shop.



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Rueben Heaton (RH) Sportscale 9000

I have been a RH fan for years. I have a 7000 series digital scales that has passed certification year after year without a problem. I was always wondering when somebody would come up with a hi-end scales suitable for the mobile angler. The 7000 series though good is big for the travelling angler to be carrying about. Enter the Reuben Heaton 9000 series.

You can see from the picture that this is a tidy scales. It is high quality as you would expect. I’m told that the software is the same as the 7000 series. The 9000 has a built in t-bar handle in aluminium and a stainless hook. It comes with a pouch and will fit in your pocket or lure box.  You need never miss that specimen fish!


Contact your local tackle shop.


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Biwaa ZAANDER K  9’

Biwaa are a French lure manufacturer that are beginning to make waves in the salt water market.

Take the Zaander K 9’ – a big soft lure that the name implies is designed to catch big zander. Well I can tell you that these will catch pollack, cod and even bass.

I look at these to be perfect for eeking out the bigger reef dwellers or of course they are perfect for drifting over wrecks. If I was heading to Norway or suchlike I could see these mated with 150g jig heads doing the business!


You will find them in most shops that stock Biwaa – or Contact Gareth via Facebook



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Breakaway – Uni-Rest

One for you boat anglers. Strike that, even charter anglers that want to protect their rods should get a couple of these!

The Breakaway Tackle Uni-Rest is definitely one of the greatest yet under sung inventions of our time! Anyhwere there is a round railing you can use the Uni rest. Currently on my Warrior 175 I have 10, yes 10, uni-rests. They are the solution to putting you rod down and preventing it from sliding around or getting scratched off rough surfaces.

The Uni-Rest is so simple in its application. Simply turn anticlockwise to lossenn and reposition and tighten up in place again.

Expect to pay around €5 or €6 from you local shop – they can be ordered easily if not in stock.


Any queries on any product here? Contact Jim –


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