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* Long Term Test – Daiwa Kenzaki Boat Rods

  Long Term Reviews TopFisher takes a look at some of the gear that have been in use for more than a season and we give a

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Long Term Reviews

TopFisher takes a look at some of the gear that have been in use for more than a season and we give a verdict whether it is worth the money and worth a place in our tackle box!

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Daiwa Kenzaki Boat Rod – 6-12lb 12-20 & 20-30lb

I had to look back through old photos to see when I started to use Kenzaki Rod. I found a photo from 2007 and I stopped looking! I couldn’t believe that a rod had stayed in my armoury for such a length of time! The first Kenzaki was a revolution in rod building technology. Beautiful light blanks, sensitive yet very powerful when required.

That first rod had a flaw. The eyes were not up to scratch in terms of their whipping and within a short space of time they were rusting and spinning around the blank. It took just one phone call to sort out. Daiwa were obviously aware and they replace the rod without a quibble.  After that the rod has performed flawlessly. I still have a 6-12lb rod that is rather battered and bruised but if you look beyond the wearing varnish the rod blank performs as well as my newer models. I also got my hands on the 12-20lb class and it has become my rod of choice for the heavier stuff – congers, wreck fishing, shark fishing. I also have the 20-30lb but find that I rarely use it. It is not that it is too heavy, it is lighter than most rods in that class. By lighter, and this holds for all the rods in the range, I mean light to hold all day and also lighter in terms of action than many others. My Kenzakis replaced a fleet of Penn Tidecutters. The Tidecutter was an exceptional rod so it took something special to shift it from its perch.

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Over the years I have had no hesitation to recommend the Kenzaki to anglers. The results are always the same. Guys ask for a recommendation. I return saying that there are many great rods out there that do not cost the earth. I also mention that my rods of choice for general boat fishing are Kenzakis and I mention a few tackle shops that stock them and will do great offers. Invariably the anglers buys the Kenzaki and a few weeks later I get a text or email  that goes like:  “I cannot believe what I am after buying. A thing of beauty. Incredibly light yet powerful. You could fish with it all day”

– I hate to say I told you so… But I told you so!

You will get great deals on Kenzaki Rods at the moment so never before has the best in class been so affordable. The newest guise has a more snazzy paint job but I’m sure the blank is as good as ever!



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