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Tried & Tested #5

Looking at some handy items that might catch you some fish or make things easier when you are fishing.... tried and tested give you the low down...



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Surecatch – Hi-Tensile Leader

Making your own traces is part and parcel of angling. While there are some cracking store-bought traces out there there are times when you must concoct your own. When you want a smooth and supple line for trace building look no further than Surecatch High Tensile Leader. You’ll be amazed at how silky smooth this line is. I use it in its 100lb guise for conger leader and wrecking paternosters and of course from blonde ray legers. The 50lb is perfect for long flowing traces.

You’ll get this line from tackle shops who deal with Dennett Outdoors.


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Bricoleurre – Inox Stainless Wire 49 strand

It can be difficult to located a reliable source of wire for Blue Shark Traces. You would not expect Bricoleurre, the mould people, to have wire in stock. In fact they do. I have used their 275lb wore in my shark traces this year and have not had a problem. I ordered wire when I was placing an order for some hooks and moulds. It comes in 10m Coils and at t €1.50 per metre it will go a long way.



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Yamashita Traces

Autumn time for me is species hunting time. While I like to build many of my own traces I also like to use store-bought gear where it is good enough. This frees up my time for making the traces I cannot get in the shop. The Yamashita range of traces are well worth checking out. I use them drifting and at anchor I use paternosters and legers. The pack on the top has two traces in the pack an these are superb flounder catchers.

You’ll find the Yamashita range in the better tackle shops – Henry’s, Halfway Angling, Etc.

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Stainless Crimping Pliers

A decent find this one. Available from our local Army Surplus Store here in Cork for the splendid price of €5.30 … where would you get it. It is a perfect tool that will also cut wire. It is a big pliers. I use it to crimp my shark traces. I see that Army Surplus will ship a large parcel for €3.95 so well worth searching through the site for a few bargains.

Check out:


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JVC Adixxion GC XA1 – Sports Camera

This is the camera that I use to capture my action for my youtube channel. The Adixxion is simple to use and has a wealth of features built in including WiFi.  It can also be controlled by an APP on your smart phone.

You can see the results here:

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Hama rail mount – 7 Day Suction mount

These inexpensive solutions will suit any camera that has a standard threaded fitting (Most do nowadays). These are great solutions for mounting your camera on your boat or tackle box. The suction mount is very strong although I have not worked the courage to use it without a safety tether!!

I purchase these mounts and extendable poles from

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Climb 8 – Clothing

I have been using a set of Climb 8 breathable waders for a few years. They have been trouble free for me. I also use a Climb 8 wading jacket while on the boat in tough weather. Again it has been a perfect performer.

Worth checking out if you are thinking of a change:

They ship for free to Irl & UK.


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