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* Tried and Tested #4

A selection of gear for the angler that is well worth checking out!


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Illex Juno Eel 150

The Juno eel 150 from French Manufacturer Illex is a very interesting lure. It is a slim slug-type lure body but it incorporates a very small paddle tail that really gives a superb action under water. You can see that action in the video clip below.

The very fact that this lure falls between tow stools makes it interesting. It is neither shad nor pin tail being really a hybrid of the two. I’m told that stock has been limited in supply due to huge demand on the French Market.

You’ll get these from any Dennett Outdoor dealing tackle shop or on line.


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Wiley X – Eyewear

Wiley X are new kids on the block on this side of the pond as regards eyewear but they are a hugely successful company in the US. They are in fact a major supplier to the US Armed Forces. These glasses feature lenses that offer incredible clarity and polarisation.

Their range is coming to Ireland and the UK soon. They will be distributed by UK Distributor and manufacturer Leeda.

To date we do not have launch dates. You can contact Leeda for further info

http://www.wileyx.com/index.aspx  &  http://www.leeda.co.uk/

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Illex Jig Heads

Illex are unsual in that they offer a range of Jig Heads to suit may of their different lures. From top to bottom – The Bole head is a streamline head to suit the Bole Shad. The heads are perfectly sized to suit the bodies.

Second down and shown in two sizes are the Nitro Shad jig heads. These are available in a large range of weights. These heads have a hollow back side to accept the sculptured body of the nitro shad.

Bottom of the pile but still an old favourite is the Lightening head. This head will suit so many different bodies, too many to list. The Lightening head features multiple attachment points which suits anglers both from the shore and boat.

The Illex catalogue is a treasure trove of the most modern and popular French tackle.

Have a look at the Illex catalogue here

You can always contact Dennetts for details of Suppliers near you but most decent tackle shops in Ireland deal with Dennett.


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Illex Nitro Shad 120

What is the most popular bass lure in France? Why it’s the Nitro Shad of course. Many shore anglers like the 90mm model but without doubt the greatest consistent bass catcher is the 120mm, especially if fished from the boat.

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Illex Bole Shad

Designed for offshore bass catching the Bole is a decent shad for Cod and pollack. I have caught bass using the lighter heads and fishing vertically from the boat. The body may look strange but those ridges are reminiscent of the X-layer while the tail moves incredibly quickly with little movement.

Try Dennetts or online

DSCN1412 (Large)  P&M Gunki Saburau Hayashai S210MH

Fancy some French Finesse without the price tag? The  Gunki Hayashai S210MH is a rod that offers the best of modern lure-rod blank with high quality fittings. Pezon Et Michel have a strong heritage of building quality rods at fair prices. I have seen this rod online for under €100. A good few anglers bought these rods in the blue version a couple of years back.  Anybody that did is still using them and is delighted!



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